Andi Mantej

andi mantej

Andi Mantej is a highly-trained Tai Chi teacher with 18 years of experience.

Before his encounter with Tai Chi, Andi’s daily fitness regime had revolved around running, circuit training, playing rugby, swimming and cycling – activities that demanded great effort and physical strain.

In 1983, Andi attended a Tai Chi workshop, which completely shattered his concept of fitness and physical strength. After standing still in the meditation posture Wu Chi for 10 minutes, he was amazed to find his body began to tremble and quiver like a jelly. The more he tried to hold the posture, the tougher it became, quickly exhausting him. He was baffled, how could standing be so hard when he was so fit?

The seemingly effortless, flowing sequence of movements demonstrated by the Tai Chi group captivated and intrigued him. Thus began his involvement with the meditative martial arts. These holistic, balanced exercise systems have literally changed his life.

Andi is a senior instructor and organiser of Master Wang Hai Jun’s Tai Chi Academy UK London, and Grade A instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, with an unbridled enthusiasm for sharing his Tai Chi knowledge with his students.

Andi teaches Chen style Tai Chi, push hands and weapon forms at sports centres, private health clubs and schools and colleges to people of all levels of fitness. His students are a wide-ranging group, from young people to over 50s, people with mobility issues (chair-based exercises) and mental health groups.

Having been taught directly since 2002 by Master Wang Hai-Jun, Andi follows a traditional approach to martial arts training, with emphasis on meditation to build harmony between the physical body and the mind.

People seek Tai Chi classes for a number of reasons – to build stamina and flexibility, for fitness, for stress relief and relaxation, to improve their health, to practice a martial art and learn self-defense skills. Andi tries to cover all those needs in his classes so his students can achieve their own personal goals.

Many students who train under Andi’s unique style of coaching – personal, attentive and committed – go on to become long-term practitioners or teachers themselves.
Through Andi, students with a strong interest in further developing their Tai Chi skills also have an opportunity to be referred for once-a-month intensive training at Master Wang Hai-Jun’s Tai Chi Academy.